Married Women and Mother's Class

Upcoming Classes:

  • Shahadah Stories: March 26th, 5-7pm 

  • Vaginal Steaming: Taught by Shannon Costa, April 9th, 5-7pm 


Past Classes:

  • Childrearing: February 20th, 5-7pm 

  • Is Home birth Safe?: Thursday, January 23rd

  • Marital Intimacy: Thursday, December 12th 

  • How to Wash and Shroud the Deceased: Tuesday, November 12th

  • Marriage: Human Nature and Prophetic Example: Monday, October 14th

  • Reflections on the Hajj and the unique experience of women: Monday, September 16th

  • The Female Monthly Cycle and Fertility Awareness: Tuesday, June 18th

  • Fasting: April, 2019

These events are coordinated by and hosted in the home of: 


         Shannon Costa:

Nethal Abdul-Mu'min

(508) 901-154 eight

Berkeley, CA, USA

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