Frequently asked Questions:

Why the name “Soulful Passage”?

The experiences of birth and parenting are blended with many emotions. They are joyous and intense, enlivening and motivating, and yes frustrating and perplexing. All of them are vital and integral to the process of nurturing new life. These are soulful rites of passage, meaning heartfelt and spiritual. They are life changing experiences. 


Because I am also a Quran teacher, the word "passage" holds the second meaning of a verse.

What can I expect from a Muslim Doula?

  • I enjoy serving families with varying beliefs. I respect their choices and do my best to facilitate any practices they would like to perform during their birth and postpartum period. The fact that I am a practicing Muslim (and the daughter of counter-culture, freedom-fighting, Berkeley residents) means that I regularly stand up for my beliefs and am used to being different. Helping you to stand up for your healthcare decisions during my time as your provider comes second nature to me. Please feel free to ask me any questions about this or anything else! There is a lot of anti-muslim propaganda out there that is painful to hear. I try to prove it wrong by showing people around me through my actions that I am a caring, non-judgemental, peace and freedom loving person.

  • I wear loose clothing and cover my hair. It is called hijab.

  • Part of my physical modesty is avoiding touch (like handshakes and hugs) with men outside of my close family. If you're not used to this, I know it may seem limiting. Please understand that it is coming from a place of spiritual devotion and respect and not mistrust or isolation. During our visits before labor, and during the labor process, I am just like any other doula working alongside the partner. I value the participation of male family members in the birthing process and see their support and assistance as extremely vital to the good outcomes of the birth and postpartum period. I also know that people sometimes forget, and that touch may be necessary in an emergency. I am fine with this possibility, and will help in the capacity that is needed. I have never found this to be a hindrance to my ability to serve at births.

  • Prayer:  I pray 5 times a day. This is not always a consideration, but if it is, I will inform you and take a 10-15 minute break to perform my prayer. My prayer is silent. I can pray almost anywhere, and do not need quiet or privacy. In the event you are in urgent need during a time I usually pray, I will be there for you! 

What if I have financial limitations?

Please contact me if you have financial limitations. Cornerstone Doulas and Childbirth Educators are dedicated to serving those who can not afford the full fee. I keep a certain amount of spots open in my practice and classes for those in need.


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