Trusted instruction, flexible hours, and a caring approach.

"The Tajweed classes offered by Ustadha Nethal have been exceptional. Our teacher is not only knowledgeable but also kind and gentle. It was a pleasure and a delight to know that once a week I got so much closer to improving my reading Quran alKareem."

Halima Afi 2013

"I became Muslim 12 years ago, and being a native English speaker, I had to learn all the Arabic letters and sounds from scratch – a little bit on my own, a little bit from my teacher, and a little bit from close friends. After a couple years I had memorized the last juz of the Qur’an, but it was without really knowing any of the rules of tajweed or how to recite with them.

        When I came to Zaytuna I started studying with Ustadha Nethal in the group class, and also taking lessons during office hours. Alhamdulillaah, because of her patience, dedication, and expertise, my tajweed began improving. I was an especially difficult student because I had to unlearn a lot of things, but Ustadha Nethal was always supportive and encouraging. She never became frustrated, always focused on the positives, and gave me creative ways to overcome my obstacles.

        I still have a lot to learn, but Ustadha Nethal is always optimistic and reinforcing. She combines her mastery-level knowledge of tajweed with an approachable, friendly, and relaxed teaching style, and skillfully caters to each student’s skill level. She is able to teach and instruct complete beginners (like me), as well as advanced students. Her multiple, traditional certifications in tajweed qualify her on one level, the years she has spent teaching a wide variety of students qualify her on another level, and her personality – her demeanor, life experiences, and who she is as a person – qualify her on another level. She’s a great tajweed teacher and I highly recommend her."

AbdulRaheem (Ronald) Mclagan, June 19, 2017

"I have been a student of Sr Nethal for the last three years. Alhamdulillah, she is the most awesome teacher- patient, forgiving and not giving up until I get the makhraj (pronunciation) perfect. And she does not show an iota of frustration or anger for the innumerable mistakes I make.

I remember when we spent months on Sura Asr. She was feeling more bad for me not moving ahead, than I did for myself.

Don't think twice; Sr. Nethal is the perfect choice. I can't wait for my daughters to be old enough to learn from her inshallah."

Ayesha Kauser,  June 19th, 2017

Nethal Abdul-Mu'min

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